Leif-Olof Wallin

Leif-Olof covers all aspects of Enterprise Mobility, including Frontline Working as well as IoT connectivity, 5G and Private Mobile Networks (PMN). His focus areas include technology selection, architecture and how enterprise clients can get the most value out of these products and services.


Leif-Olof brings 42 years of experience working in the IT industry, whereof 21 years as a Gartner analyst where he spoke at numerous Gartner events across 5 continents and authored almost 300 research notes. Prior to Gartner, Leif-Olof served in various capacities in a publicly traded supply chain software company.

Key Issues Covered

  • Enterprise Mobility – How to procure and consume it including Managed Mobility Services
  • Frontline Working – HW and software options to maximize benefit in different verticals
  • IoT Connectivity – Sourcing of connectivity services including vendor and technology selection
  • 5G - The value and evolution of 5G
  • PMN – Sourcing of PMN including Vendor and Technology selection

Services Offered

  • Technology & Business strategy reviews
  • Go-to-Market strategy evaluations
  • Webinar and Speaking engagements
  • Product Roadmap development and reviews
  • Message testing
  • Partnership and Ecosystem strategy reviews