Dan Miklovic

Dan is recognized as a thought leader and one of the top market place influencers in the Asset Performance Management and Manufacturing Operations sectors. His coverage spans across all forms of heavy industry from A&D to Utilities and covering topics such as MES, EAM, QMS, PLM, EH&S, and Al/ML as applied to industrial operations. Dan is involved in both professional and amateur auto sports as an emergency services official and race operations director. He is heavily involved In the start-uc community as a mentor and advisor for entrepreneurship programs at Lindenwood University, Washington University, University of Missouri – St. Louis and the eFactory program at Southwest Missouri University helping clients to validate product strategies and develop business plans to entice investors.


Dan covers the use of analytics, artificial intelligence, IIOT, operational technology, engineering tools and automation by manufacturing companies and asset intensive industries. His focus areas are on the efficacy of these technologies and the resulting financial and sustainability benefits.


Dan brings 15 years of experience as an analyst at Gartner, 5 years as an analyst at LNS Research, 10 years as an independent analyst; and 20 years of practical experience in manufacturing companies and providers to the manufacturing sector– with a mix of strategic, marketing and architectural skill sets.

Key Issues Covered

  • Operational Architecture – Extending Enterprise Architectural Modelling to the shop floor
  • Manufacturing/Operational Excellence- Applying Lean methodologies to operations
  • Asset Optimisation- Reliability, sustainability and performance optimisation using analytics and AI/ML

Services Offered

  • Operational Architecture workshops for end users
  • Strategic Advisory for providers and end users
  • Go-to-Market Planning for providers
  • Thought Leadership