Alex Soejarto

Alex is recognized as a thought leader in business technology strategy. He has a unique view of the market as an enterprise strategist, a former service provider leader, and a recognized top influencer analyst. His business technology expertise spans Organizational Change, Enterprise Applications, Cloud, and Analytics emanating from his 16 years at Gartner as a VP of Research. He has been awarded Analyst of the Year by IIAR. Alex has a talent to synthesize market forces that will impact a client’s competitive advantage in how it operates. He is the founder of Out Athlete Fund, avid triathlete, a mentor with StartOut, and a Board member of Cornell Pride


Alex covers the strategic use of enterprise data. It's a core asset that needs protection and contributor to innovation when evaluating process transformation and technology capacity like use of AI. Alex also provides advice on business growth strategies, financing, and M&A. Every organization needs to evaluate and update models and governance to have a growth platform.


Alex brings 20 years of experience as a services analyst at Gartner, as a business leader and Head of Strategy, and independent advisor.

Services Offered

  • Strategic Advisory
  • Strategy & Planning
  • Go-to-Market Planning
  • Thought Leadership
  • Business Model Transformation
  • Financing, M&A