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About Us

Third Eye was created to act as the interpretation layer between enterprise decision makers and technology providers worldwide. An extensive network of recognized subject-matter experts with decades of experience – in both technology segments and industry verticals – offer strategic insight and tactical guidance to address a broad range of mission-critical business and technology issues.

We provide advisory services and critical insights to enterprises across the industry value chain enabling them to deliver on their business priorities.

What sets Third Eye apart from other research and advisory firms is a unique combination of knowledge, experience and independence. Our experts have the skills and the freedom to identify and leverage the most appropriate resources – internal or external – to help our clients drive innovation, overcome challenges and achieve business objectives.


Strategy and Planning

Strategy and Planning

Define organisational strategy, navigate the near term, and help with resource planning to pursue the selected course of action.

Deal Advisory

Deal Advisory

Work with businesses to assess and navigate deals to maximise value creation, our deal advisors help bring together buyer and seller.

Go-to-Market Solutions

Go-to-Market Solutions

Help create Go-to-market assets to communicate your unique value proposition to customers and gain competitive advantage.

Customer Insights

Customer Insights

Real time inputs from enterprises globally on technology needs, challenges, outlooks, and the dynamics that influence buying decisions.

Competitive Analysis

Competitive Analysis

In-depth analysis of the peer segment providing a comprehensive view of strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitors.

Technology Selection

Technology Selection

Our experts help enterprise leaders choose the right technologies based on the company’s desired business outcome by providing key insights that are pertinent to the vertical industry.

Vendor Evaluation

Vendor Evaluation

Our experts provide a framework weighing in on all the available research positions which will help the enterprise to have a wholistic view of the vendor landscape for a given technology.

Technology/Vertical Practice Maturity Assessments and Scoring

Technology/Vertical Practice Maturity Assessments and Scoring

Third Eye experts will assess the maturity of the Service Provider's technology and vertical practices to help enterprise clients choose the right service provider options. Third Eye will also support service providers with critical insight to help improve their maturity scores.

Services Platform Branding

Services Platform Branding

Our Experts will work with Service Providers to help them create compelling storylines for their “As a Digital Platform” offerings. This is poised to be a crowded market and service providers need to create differentiated branding and positioning.


Pat Sullivan

Expert - Enterprise Tansformation

Pat has been a leading technology analyst for over 25 years and advises technology and service providers on market execution. Pat Sullivan was recognized as the most influential analyst of the year 2018 by IIAR. Prior to being an analyst, Pat was a leader in IT services and consulting for 20 years in a series of firms. He is a sailing enthusiast and you can find him on a boat, when he is not navigating the waves of digital transformation.

Tapati Bandopadhyay, PhD

Expert - Cloud and AI

Tapati has been an inventor and practice leader in Cloud-AI adoption, for 27 years. Tapati built 200+ Gartner copyrighted research including Magic Quadrants, Hype Cycles and the Gartner IT Score. She received several Gartner Business Awards, having been consistently rated in Top 20 Advisors worldwide. Her love for language and mathematics intrigued her until she found the biggest mysteries of AI are embedded in human language. Tapati uses her skills in math and passion for languages to solve this conundrum.

Tervinderjit (TJ) Singh

Expert - Customer Experience

TJ Singh is a leading analyst in business process services (BPS/BPM), Customer Experience (CX), digital CX and workspace as well as the work from home services segment. TJ is a key analyst that service providers, clients and investors refer to for information and insight regarding the BPS/BPM market, and he is regularly quoted by the global press. He has over 28 years of experience in the information communication technology (ICT) and BPS/BPM industry.

Stessa Cohen

Expert - Banking

Stessa Cohen, a former Gartner analyst, is an internationally recognized expert on the digital transformation of global banking industry and technologies. Before that, she worked for a fintech startup, before the term was invented, and for a large regional bank on both “back office” and “front office” teams. Stessa counsels financial services companies, technology firms, and investors on product development, GTM, solution, and investment strategies. Stessa brings her curiosity, ability to think-outside-boxes, and expertise to fintech and Banking Industry to drive innovative strategies in the sector.

Dan Miklovic

Expert - Manufacturing

Dan is recognized as a thought leader and one of the top market place influencers in the Asset Performance Management and Manufacturing Operations sectors. His coverage spans across all forms of heavy industry from A&D to Utilities and covering topics such as MES, EAM, QMS, PLM, EH&S, and Al/ML as applied to industrial operations. Dan is involved in both professional and amateur auto sports as an emergency services official and race operations director. He is heavily involved In the start-uc community as a mentor and advisor for entrepreneurship programs at Lindenwood University, Washington University, University of Missouri - St. Louis and the eFactory program at Southwest Missouri University helping clients to validate product strategies and develop business plans to entice investors.

Jeff Roster

Expert - Retail

Jeff has been tracking the Retail Industry for over 30 years and understands the business drivers impacting the Retail industry and the technologies being created to solve them. Jeff was among the The RETHINK Retail Top 100 Retail Influencers for 2021. Those of you who know Jeff know that there is seldom a dull moment while speaking with Jeff, his positive energy translates into everything he does.Jeff Roster is a former Research Vice President at Gartner for Retail market strategies.

Richard Stiennon

Expert - Security

Richard is the author of The Security Year Book, as a security expert Richard is known for shaking up the industry and providing actionable guidance to vendors and end users. Richard is the founder of IT - Harvest where he researches over 1,200 IT security vendors globally. Richard was the CMO at Fortinet and held leadership positions at Gartner and Webroot, Richard is also on the board of several IT Security vendors.

Foong King

Expert - Telecom

Foong King Yew is an internationally recognised expert in telecoms with over 26 years of experience. He has advised communications service providers (CSPs) and telecom vendors on business strategies, market opportunities/trends, and digital transformation. His interests include 5G, the IoT, and disruptive technologies. Foong is a former Gartner research Vice President and Chief of Research. He is currently an Honorary Fellow at the University of Melbourne (Industry Advisory Group, Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering).

Alex Soejarto

Expert - Market Strategy & Insights

Alex is recognized as a thought leader in business technology strategy. He has a unique view of the market as an enterprise strategist, a former service provider leader, and a recognized top influencer analyst. His business technology expertise spans Organizational Change, Enterprise Applications, Cloud, and Analytics emanating from his 16 years at Gartner as a VP of Research. He has been awarded Analyst of the Year by IIAR. Alex has a talent to synthesize market forces that will impact a client's competitive advantage in how it operates. He is the founder of Out Athlete Fund, avid triathlete, a mentor with StartOut, and a Board member of Cornell Pride

Neil Kell

Expert - Public Sector/Security

Neil Kell is one of the UK’s leading security advisors. He operates at the strategic level in organisations, ensuring that key cyber security and resilience obligations are met. Neil has been a security professional for over 20 years. He was awarded the fellowship of the Institute of Consulting in recognition of his work and is one of a limited number of security professionals who hold the Lead Security and Information Risk Adviser (SIRA) designation under the UK National Cyber Security Centre’s Certified Cyber Professional scheme. Outside of work Neil enjoys travel, rugby and has a passion for motoring. He is also a committed volunteer, occupying a prominent role in his local community.

Mark Purdy

Expert - ESG & Partner Ecosystems

Mark Purdy is an internationally recognized thought leader and advisor on issues at the intersection of economics, technology and business. He has over 25 years’ experience as an economist in business and government, including twenty years as chief economist at one of the world’s largest technology consultancy companies. His recent work has focused on topics such as the future of work in the metaverse, ESG, contactless commerce, AI-powered discovery, digital twins, digital trade, the rise of techno-nationalism, the economics of supercomputing, and the issues of bias and quality in AI systems. He has published widely in tier-1 media and business publications such as Harvard Business Review and Sloan Management Review. Mark has also undertaken industry landscape studies in technology areas such as cloud-native, intelligent automation, and the Google and Microsoft ecosystems.


Karan Currie

Founder and Chief of Vision

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Managing Director