Golden Athena Awards

Recognizing Excellence in Digital Transformation amongst technology service providers

Athena, the Olympic goddess of wisdom and war, the inspiration behind the Golden Athena awards, is known to be nonpareil in her strength and ingenuity, her name synonymous with strategic thinking and decisive action. The Golden Athena Awards are a tribute to these ideas.

Given that the future entails great uncertainties, and every day we face new and constantly evolving challenges, it is these talents of strategic thinking, inventiveness, warrior-like trailblazing that we must seek and reward. The Golden Athena awards was created to recognize contenders who embody these qualities. It rewards true and rare excellence and will be presented to a company within the service provider community that has made a significant impact toward accelerating digital transformation.

To enter, contenders need to submit use cases of their victories/ wins, clearly demonstrating the business outcomes achieved and the approach and solution they crafted to get there.

Among the nominees, the Third Eye experts panel will select one case study based on predefined criteria. Our experts will publish a standalone paper that highlights the impact that the service provider has been able to demonstrate and showcase the approaches to other enterprises who can leverage these insights. The paper will include details of why the team was chosen, client view and service provided.

Winners in each category will be feted at the award ceremony in Las Vegas on June 20th 2023.

Last date for submission is 28th February, 2023.

To nominate your team or company, submit your B2B or B2C case study using the form below.

Follow the Do’s and Don’ts listed below to give your case study the best chance of winning.

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  • Provide clear objectives – increase leads, optimise ROI, increase social engagement etc.
  • Be specific – tell us which channels or online tools you used to achieve your results.
  • Provide a timeline – over which period was the campaign run and when were the results measured.
  • Write in the third person – for example “Brand X approached Agency Y…”
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  • Send old examples – your case study campaign should have taken place within the last 2 years.
  • Use emotive or promotional language – try to keep your case study clear, concise and objective.
  • Send case studies where success relies on use of a proprietary tool or solution.
  • Include testimonials – if you're an agency, please don't include client testimonials.
  • Go over the word count – try to stick to the word count for each section, indicated on the form above.

Submit your case study.

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    *Your data will only be used for the purposes of reviewing & administering your case study submission, and communicating with you in relation to this. You can find our full privacy policy here. All case studies are reviewed by our research analysts and considered for inclusion at the discretion of Third Eye Advisory. If approved, all case studies are lightly copy-edited and then, if all the required information has been provided, uploaded to the Third Eye Advisory Case Study Database.